Sonic The Hedgehog: Project Spikepig

Title: Sonic The Hedgehog – Project Spikepig
Genre: Platformer
Current Version: 16 acts done (plus some old ones still available)
Made in: 2009 – 20XX

Project Spikepig is a fangame I started as a hobby in 2009 after being influenced by Blazehedgehog’s smaller projects such as his Sonic 2006 demake. It is made on a modified Sonic Worlds Beta 0.5. Not as good as Delta, sure, but I made sure to patch out most of the glaring flaws the engine had in the beginning. The game is kiiiiind of halfway done, I guess? The version below has all the stuff I got done until now.

Things to expect:
-Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are available.
-The Insta-Shield is easier to use and given more focus by the level design.
-Classic-esque level design, alternating between platforming and speed areas. Most of the levels can be beaten in a minute.

Zones currently done:
-Tropical Trance 1-2-3
-Venomous Voyage 1-2-3
-Shiver Square 1-2
-Parabolic Pachinko 1-2
-Mellow Marina 1-2-3
-Cobalt Capital 1-2-3

-Download via Dropbox

-Game screenshots

SAGE 2011 demo reviews:
-Sega Driven
-Blog Squirrel
-In the Shade of a Wave
-TSSZ News
-Sonic Paradise
-SFGHQ Forums (shadowgoten)

  1. Marco T.
    23 de janeiro de 2011 às 10:03 PM

    Muito Legal esperando as proximas fases.

  2. gabriel
    1 de agosto de 2012 às 1:46 AM

    bom eu estou começando a querer fazer hack do sonic nem sei por onde começar pois gostaria de alterar personagens como fazer ?

  3. 20 de agosto de 2013 às 11:57 PM

    Muito bacana esse game, mas eu prefiro Sonic & Knuckles, é bem mais divertido.

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  2. 13 de dezembro de 2010 às 3:52 AM
  3. 10 de abril de 2011 às 4:31 AM
  4. 29 de setembro de 2011 às 12:38 AM

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