SAGE 2011 Booth

Hello, gentlemen. Welcome to the TTC Booth.
Enter and sit yourselves, old monkeys. I’ve got fangames for you to download and play.

Sonic The Hedgehog: Project Spikepig (SAGE 2011 Demo)

Lookie lookie, a Sonic fangame made in the Worlds engine!
Like most fangames worth their salt, it is based on Sonic CD, which means it has nebulous, confusing and complicated level design made by a drunk man!
Have unfun playing this!

Tropical Trance Zone is available for play. Sonic and Tails are playable.

Wuala Download Link
Mediafire Download Link

Crazy Sonic (SAGE demo is… sort of done)

Thanks to Rafael Fernandes and MCKaosu, i got the idea to mix the Sonic series and the famous CrazyBus. For the Original Badass’ 20th anniversary! Nobody really gave a flipping damn.

Pick a character (just four, though. I’m sorry about my fangaming incompetence) and be enRAGEd! Run gloriously across the screen! Two people can play together!

Wuala Download Link
Mediafire Download Link

Xoters (Old version 0.941)

This game was made for the Versus Compo at Tigsource and got no votes! That’s how much it fails! But at least it now has a screen resizing function. It’s the most important feature of the game, as it prevents people from immediately deleting it!

This game has arena shooter action! Bounce across the screen, pick a speed powerup, crash into the enemy and shoot it to death! Two people can play against each other!

Wuala Download Link
Mediafire Download Link

This is the worst booth ever. I should feel shaaaaaame for creating it.
…But instead i feel so haaaapy because Project Spikepig was put in SAGE’s frontpage.
Are you having fun with the games of SAGE 2011, fangueimers?
Or are you just doing the hand thing?

  1. 19 de setembro de 2011 às 6:42 PM

    It has come to my attention that people are having problems with the Wuala links, so i uploaded the games to Mediafire. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. 26 de setembro de 2011 às 2:02 AM

    So SAGE 2011 is over.
    It seems most people liked Project Spikepig.
    I’ve seen no comments about the other two games, though. Tsk. =T

    Many thanks for the people who worked on SAGE 2011.

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